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Hendro News

What’s new at the Hendro…

It’s been all go at the Hendro this month, so we thought it was time for a little update.

We’ve got good news and bad news to share with you, so we’ll start with the good, and end with the bad (you can always stop reading if you want to avoid the bad news altogether!).

We’re very happy to announce that after a painfully long settling in period (those guys have been freeloading for a solid six months at casa Hendro) – our runner ducks have finally started pulling their weight and contributing to the daily egg count.

Just as the ducks were starting to make themselves comfy, and the chickens were getting ready to celebrate their first year at the Hendro, along came a bout of bird flu to ruin their plans. Thankfully our girls haven’t been affected, but their spring plans certainly have.

Our girls’ favourite time of year is usually Easter, when they’re busily popping out those eggs, and the warmer weather means they get plenty of visitors at the Hendro. But the government has laid down the law and in order to keep our feathery friends safe, they’re completely off limits until the threat of bird flu has been lifted from the UK.

They’re as displeased at this news as you are, but you can still pop down and see Beyonce, Nugget, Tikka, Omelette and the girls. And you can even set about trying to dream up some names for our ducks while you’re down there. But sadly there won’t be any feeding time or petting the birds until at least after April now.

Don’t worry about the ladies though, they’re in very safe hands. We’ve put some netting over the top of their enclosure to make sure wild birds don’t get in and spread the flu and we’ll be keeping an extra close eye on them too, to make sure they don’t come down with the bird flu.

Of course this is disappointing, but we know that you want to keep them safe too, so we ask that you just keep your distance when visiting the Hendro.

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