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Early Bird Offer

They say “the early bird catches the worm” and they’re not wrong. But what they failed to tell you before was that the earlier the bird, the better the worms!

What we mean by this is that we’ve changed the way we do things. So, from now on expect better discounts when you book (and pay) further in advance.

Here’s the deal:

  • 1st place (booking 9-12 months in advance) save 25% off best flexible rates
  • 2nd place (booking 6-9 months in advance) save 20% off best flexible rates
  • 3rd place (booking 3-6 months in advance) save 15% off best flexible rates
  • 4th place (booking 3 months -14 days in advance) save 10% off best flexible rates

So, when you next hear a little bird telling you about the new way to save on stays, you can jolly well believe them…

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