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Story of Love Photography

Say ‘hi’ to Natalie, the lady behind the camera.

Say ‘hi’ to Story of Love.

What made you become a wedding photographer?

I became a photographer in 2012 after picking up my first camera in 2011 for a three-month travel holiday around Africa and was instantly hooked! I then photographed some friends’ weddings and never looked back!

I was also lucky enough to have been trained by my father, a very talented and well-known photographer Kenneth Martin. Getting to see first-hand how to photograph a wedding and practicing this way is the best possible way to learn.

If you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing instead?

Before I was a wedding photographer, I was in Sales in my family’s photography business.  If I wasn’t a wedding photographer now, this is what I would still be doing. I have a massive passion for photography – it’s in my blood, there is no denying it!  So, selling this and working in the family business is the next best thing to having my own business Story of Love. I also find it very useful to have the selling and business background and skills I have. It is crucial for my wedding photography business to not only be able to produce beautiful images for my clients but also know how to run the business side of it.

What is the one thing you love most about wedding photography?

Being able to tell the story of couples’ special day through capturing beautiful moments for them to cherish forever. I don’t pin point myself with one particular style as I sometimes shoot Classical, sometimes Reportage (which can be my favourite style as are so real and pure) and my other style is more creative and a little out there! So, although I don’t have one particular style of photography, I do have a Story of Love style to my images which flows throughout them all.

On average how many weddings or events do you roughly do in a year? Have a guess!

I photograph around 30 weddings per year.

How would you describe your photography style?

I don’t take a list of photographs per say as I like to capture the day as it happens, I like to let it flow and what I capture not be restricted to a list of particular photographs. If I did have a long list, I wouldn’t be able to put my creative spin on the day quite as much as I would be more focused on making sure I have the list of photographs ticked off. For me this is not how I want to work. I love to capture their day, but in my way. However, I do like to have a few family and friends photographs so I can make sure the key people whom the couple love, are in a photograph with them for their album etc.

Is it okay if other people take photos while you’re taking photos?

I don’t mind guests taking photographs at the wedding as long as they try to put down their cameras and iPads during the ceremony to enjoy it and not get in the way down the aisle which is easily done.

Do you have a favourite, must-capture moment for every wedding?

I don’t like to keep it safe and create photographs at the same place or get a particular photo on the day. I prefer to turn up and use what Is available to me when I see it with the venue and the light etc. Even if I am at the same venue often, like the Peebles Hydro which Is a great venue to photograph at, I don’t do the same photographs as each wedding and couple are different, I would prefer to make it more unique to them and their day, not a repeat on a picture from someone else’s day.

Any tips to give to future couples on choosing a photographer for their wedding?

My advice for couples looking for their wedding photographer is to have a chat with them, face to face if possible and to check out their portfolio of work on Instagram or such and know that it is what you love and who you feel comfortable with. As a photographer on your big day I want to make you feel relaxed, comfortable and not know I am there for part of the day as this is when I can really be creative and bring out the best in you both and your guests.

What piece of advice would you give brides and grooms to ensure that they get wedding photos they love forever?

I would suggest that in order to get photographs you will love forever is to not hold back on your day. let your emotions flow, let the tears fall, let your hair down, be you, show your love and enjoy every minute of it as then you will get the true images that really tell your story of your day and show your love for one another. These are my favourite weddings to capture, when no one holds back. These are also the best images that clients love and cherish forever as they allow me to capture the raw and real emotions from the day.

How far in advance do I need to book my wedding photographer?

You should try to book your photographer at least one year before the big day to ensure you get the person you want and are not disappointed. On saying that I still book plenty of couples 6 months or less before their big day so it’s worth checking, especially if it’s not a weekend there is more chance of us being available.

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