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Book A Room

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Terms & Conditions

And now for the boring stuff…

To make a reservation you have to:

  • Be at least 18 years-old
  • Accept these terms and conditions on behalf of all members of your party
  • Accept the responsibility of settling all outstanding balances when you leave.

All of our rates include VAT on the current rate at the time of booking, and are subject to change without notice.

If you’ve booked an advance purchase package:

It’s our best value for money rate, no doubt about it. But the main reason for this is that you’ll pay the full amount when you book and it’s non-refundable. It can’t be exchanged for other dates, accommodation, goods or services. Not a sausage.

So if you cancel, you’ll still pay. Which is why we strongly recommend holiday insurance, as this is the only way to get your money back. We won’t try to sell you insurance as many of our customers are already covered, and there are lots of deals out there if you shop around.

We find that most of the time, cancellations are due to unforeseen circumstances. But, to be as fair as we can to all of our customers, we’ll stick to the cancellation terms and charges that apply, whatever the circumstances are. So, to avoid any awkward situations, holiday insurance is the answer.

If you’ve booked a best available package:

We don’t even ask for a deposit, so you can pay the full balance of your stay when you arrive.

Our best available packages offer lots of flexibility, and allow for cancellations up to 48 hours before you arrive. Up until this point you’re free to transfer your booking to other available dates. But, if you choose to cancel after 3pm, 48 hours before you’re due to arrive, then we can’t offer an exchange, and payment will still be taken from your credit card. In this situation, the only way to get your money back is if you’re covered by holiday insurance.

In some cases, we might not have rooms or packages available on your new dates, so some changes may not be possible – but our team can advise you on this.

We find that most of the time, cancellations are due to unforeseen circumstances. We won’t try to sell you insurance as many of our customers are already covered, and there are lots of deals out there if you shop around. But the reason we mention it again is so that if you do cancel, we don’t end up in an awkward situation (no one likes that). We like to be fair to all of our customers by sticking to the cancellation terms and charges that apply, whatever the circumstances are.

Special packages

In addition to these terms and conditions mentioned above, some special packages (e.g. Christmas and New Year etc) may have additional terms attached to them, these will be displayed at the time of booking, and they’ll form part of your contract.

If we need to change your booking:

Even if we’ve given you confirmation, we still have the right to refuse or change any booking. On the rare occasion that this might happen, we’d notify you as soon as possible.

You’d then have the choice to accept our changes, change your booking to another hotel we operate, change to an alternative date, (although we can’t guarantee that the price will be the same, and if it’s more, you’ll need to make up the difference) or you can cancel your booking.

If you do cancel because we’ve made a change, you’ll be refunded any money you’ve paid in advance of your stay, although we won’t be liable for anything beyond that without written confirmation prior to cancelling.

What’s included in your package?

Your package may contain a number of included items, such as breakfast, dinners, etc. These will be detailed at the time of booking, and you’ll need to make a reservation for these items (apart from breakfast) so you can be sure to take full advantage of what’s included. It’s up to you to use these and there’s no refund for unused components of your package.

Special Requests and Room Guarantee

Love that room you stayed in last time? Well, you can have it again! And you can add in some little extras to welcome you when you get here too.

You can select your extras online when you’re booking, or at any time by giving us a call. If you’d like to use our Room Guarantee, we’ll charge an additional supplement and make sure that the room’s all yours when you arrive.

If you don’t use our Room Guarantee, we won’t be able to secure you a specific room and we’ll select your room based on the operational needs of the business. Even if you do take out a Room Guarantee, there are occasions when we can’t fulfil this, for example due to unexpected maintenance issues. On these occasions, we’ll select the most appropriate room for your needs and refund the supplement. If you request something for your stay without booking it, we’ll try, but there’s no guarantee that we can provide it. The only way to ensure this is to book.

What’s the smoking policy?

All of our rooms are non-smoking, with smoking being prohibited inside the building too. Smoking inside our rooms will incur an automatic £250 charge (making it the most expensive cigarette you have ever had).

Other terms:

Well behaved dogs are welcome in the hotel, for a small cleaning charge per room per night.

Although we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information set out on our websites and marketing campaigns, we’re only human, so if you spot any discrepancies between our offers and your confirmation email, make sure to flag these up to us as the confirmation is what we go from. We reserve the right to vary, amend, supplement or cancel any of the information or offers featured on our websites, email campaigns, or otherwise at any time.

All details are correct at the time of going to print, however they may change from time to time.

Under the Hotel Proprietors Act, persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Images shown on our website and other marketing materials are representative of the bedrooms, bathrooms and public areas available at the hotel. However, even our rooms that are within the same room type tend to differ slightly so your room might be different to the ones that are shown.

We accept no liability in the event that any of your personal belongings or those of your party are lost and/or damaged within the hotel. If the property of the resort is deliberately or negligently damaged by you or any member of your party, you’ll be fully responsible for the repair or replacement of the property in question.

We have some house rules and policy for the consumption of alcohol, to ensure that Peebles Hydro Hotel can operate as a licensed premise. We ask that all of our guests familiarise themselves and adhere to our house rules and policy for the sale of alcohol, regulated under the Licensing Act (Scotland) 2005. You’ll find these rules clearly displayed in all of our bar areas.

And that’s all folks. If you made it all the way through, give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back.

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