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Welcomin’ Freewheelin’ Brewery

We’re frothing with excitement to tell you about our intoxicating new addition to the team…

Richard and his Freewheelin’ Brewery have relocated to join us here on the grounds, and you could say we’re turning water into beer.

The new on-site location means that Richard can take full advantage of our flowing water supply from the Shielgreen, to add that extra-fresh touch of Peebles to Freewheelin’s full-bodied beers.

When we opened as a hydropathic treatment hotel back in 1881, our fresh water supply and fashionable water cures were the main attraction for our Victorian guests.

135 years on, and the demand for our sulphur baths and high pressure jets have become somewhat obsolete. Our General Manager (and general beer fan) Patrick, thought the water supply could be put to a much better use for today’s guests – and we’re pretty sure you’ll all agree!

Our Patrick got talking to Richard and suggested that he and his one-man brewery come to join us here on the grounds. With water being such a key part of the beer, Richard just couldn’t resist having access to our supply straight from the glen. And here we are – Hydro, Hivedro, Hendro and now we’ve got the Beerdro (OK… we’ll stick to Freewheelin’).

Once Richard’s got himself settled in, he’ll be offering tours around his ‘pico-brewery’ to let you see how he brews his blonde, ruby and IPA on the single-handed site. He’ll show you how the bags of malted barley and water become beer, and how he goes about adding the most important part – the body and flavour.

Freewheelin’ Brewery started out in Richard’s garage. He began by creating a few trial brews, before hooking up with an experienced brewer who designed a couple of the brand’s chief beers. After a bit of crowdfunding, Richard and his brewery moved to a unit in Peebles before they found their true home, here at the Hydro.

Richard’s brewing ethos is simple – to create beers that people enjoy and want more of… and beers he’d enjoy drinking himself.

He puts this down to a good mouthfeel (not a thin insipid brew, but one with good body), an element of bitterness (so you know that you’re actually drinking a beer) and lastly, subtle flavours that don’t overwhelm the palate.

We’re looking forward to Richard getting everything up and running, so we can see what he’s done with our good old water supply!

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